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Posted October 28, 2007 11:48 pm (about 4468 days ago)

Check out these interviews with my boys over at Underground Resistance, one of the world’s most important techno labels. These interviews are MUST READS. Whether you know the fellas personally or have never heard of UR before, there is something here for everyone that cares about social activism, music, identity, and even sports. Both of these interviews took place in the UK. Hopefully more of the U.S. will start picking up on UR’s significance.

In terms of disclosure, on paper I’m one of their DJs/producers, but I left Detroit for Oakland to teach high school. While I still DJ at times, I decided to focus on teaching rather than producing mediocre tracks that don’t even touch the product of Gerald Mitchell, Mark Flash, and others in the UR camp. For that reason I stay under the radar of most and some of the guys with the label don’t even know who I am. Having said that, I count UR manager Cornelius as one of my closest friends and Mike has had a huge impact on how I view the music industry and various social issues. Music and personal friendships aside, I continue to be drawn to UR’s message. Take a read for yourself!

Tti…Speaks to Underground Resistance

UR manager Cornelius Harris AKA Atlantis and producer/DJ Dex talk about new happenings, the thought process behind the label, and the role of the internet on identity.

Mike Banks interview
This was undoubtedly the best interview that I’ve read with Mike, who drops jewels on Detroit music history, UR’s current projects, the role of music as a catalyst for change, why he doesn’t like to show his face, his influences, including Marvel comics and the rock band Rush, The Electrifying Mojo, baseball, masculinity, Detroit’s morgue tours, being a role model, and just about everything else. There’s some deep stuff. Again, READ THIS.


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