Inauguration Report 2

Posted January 25, 2009 4:56 am (about 4013 days ago)

More tales from the street during the 56th Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies for Barack Obama. Check out Days 1-3 here.
Click here to see the photo gallery. More

Inauguration Report 1

Posted January 24, 2009 4:08 am (about 4014 days ago)

A frontline report from Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th President of the United States. Although I never realistically thought I’d be able to do real time updates, I’m finally getting this posted after some intense days in D.C. Celebration is the key word here, but the three survival tips for anyone in attendance would be patience, be ready to stand in long lines, and dress in layers! Considering how many people were in town, I didn’t experience any major problems. I knew lots of people coming into town, but with things being so hectic I didn’t really plan on seeing too many folks. I started out from the Bay with my friends Ernie and Andrew and bounced around Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania over six days. The night before I left I got a call from Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office that they had a ticket to the Swearing-In Ceremony. I was juiced! Back in November, when I bought my plane tickets I really had no idea of what I was going to be getting into, but the experience was nothing short of fantastic. Click here for the photo gallery. More

Oakland Teens Discuss Oscar Grant

Posted January 16, 2009 10:43 am (about 4021 days ago)

Several days have passed since the protests regarding the shooting of Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. But while there has been quite a bit of commentary from all sides of the issue, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the discussion that has taken place in at least one school in east Oakland. This of course, would be the school I work, Oakland Unity High School. Many of our students live in the Fruitvale district, the area in which Grant was shot. I was hoping to post this in a more timely manner, but alas, other duties called. Note that in them time since I wrote this and the time it was posted, there have been major developments, including murder charges against the cop and a second large protest.-Written 1/9/09. More

Amidst the chaos

Posted January 9, 2009 12:57 am (about 4029 days ago)

For those in Oakland, we're in the midst of incredible tensions regarding the shooting of Oscar Grant, an unarmed man, lying face down, by the BART (train) police. As I write this, a series of protests are still happening, but have wound down a bit. Among some of the incidents are the smashing of several store windows and cars being lit on fire. Yet literally in the middle of anger and strife were several dozen youth participating in positive activities and building community, oblivious to the madness of the world.-Written January 7, 2008 around 10:30 PM. More

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