Help Oakland high school students go to El Salvador

Posted May 22, 2010 2:48 am (about 3535 days ago)

Have fun for a good cause at an upcoming event at Oakland's Layover bar. Donations during happy hour on Monday June 14th go towards Movimiento, which is supporting a group of youth to spend 10 days doing a cultural exchange and community service projects in El Salvador. DJs for the night include Juan (ERA/Lukas, among others), DJ Chango', and yours truly!

Be sure to click on the students' names below to check out the profiles.

Monday, June 14th
5-9 PM
1517 Franklin St, Oakland, CA


A Youth Movement for Meaningful Work & Social Change

Dear Friend,

Movimiento’s mission is to support a youth movement for learning, healing and social change through food/water sustainability, cultural leadership, entrepreneurship, indigenous youth initiatives, and international solidarity work. 

We are writing to you to ask for your support for one of our programs this year: we are taking Oakland youth to El Salvador where they will participate in a weeklong exchange with families and youth who are healing from violence, similarly to the way communities in Oakland are coping.

This August, we will travel and work in El Salvador, within the Zone of Peace that was established in 1996 to heal from the Civil War and promote socio-economic sustainability for the region. In addition to exchanging ideas with local youth, our work there will include sustainable agriculture, art, documentary radio production, helping preserve the Bay of Jiquilisco (through planting mangroves and tending the turtle hatchery), and learning about history—both our own and that of El Salvador. 

Our aim is not just to expand our minds and hearts through experiencing a new place and people, but is also to learn things that we can bring back to our lives here in Oakland, such as strategies for starting small sustainable businesses and ways to heal historical trauma.

The trip costs $2,000 per person, and we are working as a group to make sure we cover everyone’s expenses. ANY AMOUNT will help us tremendously. 

Checks can be made out to “Movimiento” and sent to: 314 Lester Avenue, Oakland CA 94606. You can also donate on our website by going to: OR you can come to the event on Monday, June 14, 2010.

For more information, you can call us at 510-388-4106.
Many thanks for any support you can lend us!

Trip Participants: Hernacióna, Jennifer, Saul, Ana, Rickiea, Nikki, Edgar, Jorge, Virginia, Iris, and Elona

Trip Leaders: Daniela Di Piero (Executive Director), Crystallee Crain (Ella Baker Center for Human Rights), Rob Steffke (Sober School), and Daniel Zarazua (Unity High School)


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