Black History Trivia

Posted Mar 7 2009

February's already passed, but since Black history is year round you can use this any time. While it's hardly all inclusive, I did try to make it global. There's a bit of California leaning, but since that's where I teach I had to represent for the home team!

Black Trivia
(one point each) 

1. One of the first people killed in the America Revolution was of African and Native American ancestry. What was his name?

__Nat Turner  __Hank Williams __Crispus Attucks __Kanye Fiasco 

2. The three colors usually picked to represent people of African descent are: 

Extra credit for each color that you can explain the significance of. (one point for each) 

3. Why is Black History month celebrated in February?

__White historians deliberately chose the shortest month of the year

__it was the month that slavery was abolished

__both President Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglas have birthdays this month 

4. Berkeley-based author Piri Thomas often wrote about discrimination he faced as a child in New York, including being called “raisin head.” In addition to Cuba, which other Caribbean island was his family from? Hint: this island is a commonwealth of the United States

5. During which holiday season is Kwanzaa, the holiday celebrating African American heritage celebrated?  

6. President Obama’s middle name is what? 

7. What are the names of his wife and two daughters?

__Michelle __Susana __Sasha __Barbara __Malia __Raven 

8. The oldest human remains have been found in Africa. What name was this person given by scientists?

__Lucy __Asia  __Yasmin __Maria 

9. Some African words are still used in the United States, including “tote.” What does this word mean? 

10. Barack Obama was not the first African American to run for president. All the following except which one have also run?

__Jesse Jackson __Shirley Chisolm __Cynthia McKinney  __Sista Souljah 

11. A Black woman named Sally Hemmings is rumored to have had had at least one child by which president of the United States? 

12. Identify the woman who’s often called the “mother of the Civil Rights” movement after refusing to give up her bus seat to a White man. 

13. Which very popular song from Mexican state of Vera Cruz describes a dance that actually came from Africa? Hint: The version sang by Ritchie Valens became a big hit in the United States

14. What is Tiger Woods’ first name?

__Alphonso __Eldrick __Leroy __George 

15. Name the award-winning rapper/producer  who’s often used his albums to make fun of people who went to college even though both of his parents have PhDs. Hint 1: he’s from Chicago. Hint 2: He's known for his controversies such as saying "Bush doesn't care about Black people"

16. Pick which invention was made by an African American

__The Super Soaker  __roller skates __printing press

17. Identify the famous rapper, who passed away in ‘90s, whose mother was a former Black Panther, and who’s named after a famous Incan prince. 

18. While reggaeton is usually associated with Puerto Rico, one of the early pioneers of this genre, El General, is actually from which country? Hint: This country is known for its canal

19. Which song is considered “The Black National Anthem?”

__A Change is Gonna Come __Lift Every Voice and Sing  __U.N.I.T.Y. 

20. Halle Berry won an Academy Award for her role in Monster’s Ball. Was the she the first African American to win an Academy Award? 

21. Name the R&B singer who has her own TV show on BET, began recording with artists such as Tupac when she was 12, has sold millions of albums, and is from Oakland.  

22. Which TV host was also the first Black woman to be featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated and GQ magazines? 

23. Allensworth was just one of several towns started by African Americans. In which state is Allensworth located? 

24. Cuba Gooding, Jr. starred in a film about an African American doctor known for his work in brain surgery and successfully separating conjoined twins. Who is this doctor?

__Mae Jameson __George Clinton __Benjamin Carson  __Michael Dyson 

25. This actress and talk show host is the richest woman in the entertainment industry, owns her own television channel, and is a billionaire. Who is she? Hint: She co-starred in the movie The Color Purple

26. The Black Panther Party is an Oakland-based organization that helped address issues such as police brutality and poverty. At which community college, based in the Oakland Hills, did this organization begin? 

27. The Secretary of State of the United States is one of the highest position in government and people such as Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell have served in this position. From which country did Powell’s family immigrate? Hint: This nation is the home of reggae music 

28. Identify the actor and playwright who dropped out of high school but has made millions of dollars for his plays, movies, and TV shows, including Madea’s Family Reunion and House of Payne. 

29. A state in Mexico is named after a former Mexican president whose ancestry included Africa. Which is it? Hint: His name means "warrior" in Spanish

__Oaxaca __Sinaloa __Guerrero __Chihuahua 

30. Which player of the National Basketball Association once scored 100 points in a game?

__Michael Jordan __Kobe Bryant __Wilt Chamberlain  __Lisa Leslie 

31. One of the current issues facing Oakland right now is the New Year’s Eve shooting at the Fruitvale BART station. Who was the young man killed by the BART police? 

32. How many African American coaches have won the Super Bowl?

__0  __1  __4  __2 

33. This set of sisters have won 17 Grand Slams in tennis and one of them is ranked the top tennis player in the world (as of Feb. 2009). What is their last name? 

34. The first African-American woman in space attended Stanford and Cornell universities and does a lot of work around improving health care for low income people. What is her name?

__Dr. Mae Jameson  __Dr. Cheryl Crosby  __Dr. Johnnetta Cole 

35. In 1960 this record-setting sprinter won three gold medals in the Olympics in Rome.

__Wilma Rudolph __Jackie Joyner-Kersey __Faye Dunaway 

36. “The Lost Boys/Girls” is the name given to a group of children fleeing war in a particular African country. Identify the country. Hint: This country recently split into two new countries, a north and south. 

37. Prior to taking on the position of mayor in Oakland, Ron Dellums earned international respect for his work against segregation in South Africa, American militarism, and shedding light on war crimes. For which governmental body did he work with? Hint: This branch is responsible for making laws.

__labor unions  __Congress  __Presidential cabinet  __United Nations 

38. Dreadlocks, while common amongst non-religious people, often have an affiliation with Rastafarian religion, whose followers include Bob Marley. In which African country was this religion birthed? Hint: It's in east Africa Hint 2: Many people from here live in Oakland

__Malia  __Ethiopia  __Ghana  __Nigeria 

39. This South American country has one of the largest Black populations in the world and is known for music such as samba, its jungles, and festivities such as Carnaval. This country is? 

40. During World War II an all-Black unit of fighter pilots earned immeasurable respect for protecting American bombers and for shooting down German aircraft. These Alabama-trained aviators were known by what name?


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