Brown Berets Internet Research

Posted Apr 14 2006

My teaching has a not so subtle social justice/social movement tone so we spend a lot of time analyzing power dynamics between individuals and groups in society. One of the groups that we've been discussing quite a bit is the Brown Berets, a Chicano community group whose goals include educational attainment and economic empowerment. With all of these groups we look at their strengths and weaknesses. For this past spring break I wanted my 9th grade Ethnic Studies to do some reading, do some internet research, and do some reflecting. As you read through the questions, keep in mind that some are time sensitive and you or your students may not be able to find the answers by the time you read this. When you cut and paste, you obviously have to space things out. I divided it into four pages as this is what worked for me once I left adequate space for each question. The backslash and number at the bottom represents the total number of points for that partcular page.

Spring Break Brown Beret Work (91 points)
Go to to find the answers. You will have to navigate through the site to find the necessary information. Look for clues. For example, if you need an address, look on the contact page.

 1.         Where is this particular branch located? (1)

 2.         Go to and print out the directions from your house if you wanted to attend one of their meetings. This printout should include your address and the address of the meeting. (5)

3.         According to the printout, how long would it take to drive there? (1)

4.         What was the Brown Beret charged with by the Watsonville Police Department (WPD)? (1)
5.         How did the Brown Berets respond? (1)

6.         Why didn’t they fight the charges? (1)

7.         According to the website, how many high school students from Watsonville walked out? (1)

8.         The site has a section devoted to students’ rights. What does it say that young people should do when questioned by police? (1)

9.         Can students legally be punished for walking out of school? (1)

10.       What cannot happen to students who walkout? (1)

Extra credit question:
In what way do you think that a “walkout” differs from a mere absence?

11.       Why can’t school administrators lock school doors to keep students from leaving? (1)

12.       What’s the main issue being talked about in the “Not in Our Nombre” movement. (1)

13.       What are some examples of his uncle’s experience that explain why Castro says he’s against military recruitment? (2)

14.       What are three ways that the military tries to attract young Latina/os to come speak with them? (3)



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