Def Prof Picks: Hip Hop and Education

Posted Jul 26 2008

San Francisco State University professor gives her recommendations for hip-hop related education resources.


They got them lesson plans and hella links!!

Check out the network!!! Need support? Desire dialogue? Holla at these folks!

Master teacher and now Vice-Principal Daniel Zarazua has been setting standards for Hiphop pedagogy for over a decade! Engage, dialogue and/or reproduce his tactics by visiting his off the chain superfly site!

Taking it to the next level!!! Dr. Carla & tha H.O.T.G.I.R.L.S. team members are blazin new trails for human equality and social justice programs that incorporate and critique Hiphop and Hiphop-infused popular culture.

Have a paper due on a Hiphop-related topic and need to cite scholarly works? Holla at the bibliography link and search by author or topic and more. Wanna see who's teaching Hiphop at what universities? Holla at the course listings. Wanna do the knowledge at an academic event or conference? Holla the events and conferences link. Wanna add your Hiphop college radio show? Login to True Skool! Ya heard? Wanna add to this site and build with us? Holla at or

Work with young folks? Need a quick Hiphop game that will encourage the use of Internet research tools? Check out "For the Love" on the HHA's Hiphop Linguistics site.

What does a Hiphop university class look like? Click here to check sample syllabus and curriculum. Pedagogical masters Antwi Akom and Shawn Ginwright took the blueprint from Funkmaster Prof. Rickey Vincent,, to build a beautiful standard that stands apart. [Btw, Rickey Vincent put this class on the books over a decade ago, along with his funk classes and others—thank you Rickey;-)- in the first Black Studies Department, which was founded at @SFSU. Know your history, baby!] Check it out and you'll see why. Between these scholar-activists' creation and Marcyliena Morgan's courses, the legacy of Hiphop in the academy is not only unstoppable, but more importantly, life-changing! I'm a witness!

***Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens….These are few of my favorite blogsJ
Okay, I'm embarrassed that I'm about to give the names of only three males—b/c I do bean, ya'll, but these folks is family and they fly. Check it out & I'll be sure to pay it forward three-fold next month;-)
I humbly come here to get schooled. Always fresh perspective and brings it real, sankofa style! It's like lemonade, ya'll feel me? Get that mental drink on "'fore I die."
Jeff Chang in tha house; jump, jump for joy! "Can't Stop, Won't Stop, I'm Lovin It!"
Not just the insights of the honorable reverend doctor yogi M. A. N.—who has greatly inspired my own career—but one also gets to holla at his posse as well. So, it's like me and you, yo mama and yo cousin, too… they all at this site. That's whassup!


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