Fun With Names Brain Teaser

Posted Mar 30 2006

This is a light-hearted activity that I did in my Economics class to develop social skills and teamwork (they worked in groups) and to begin a discussion on careers. I didn't make up this idea, but I changed a lot of the answers to careers that my students were familiar with. This doesn't take up a whole lot of time, but the students enjoyed it and it kept them busy. Still, it is way too deliberate to be just "busy work." I don't know exactly know the name of the icebreaker book that I got this from as it was a photocopied page. Sorry! The answer key is on page two.

Fun With Names Brainteaser

On this are listed several people whose names also indicate their profession. By rearranging the letters in their first and last names, you’ll discover their line of work. For example, Art Rein is a trainer. Easy, right?

Hint: The professions fall under one of the following categories: Religious, legal/law enforcement, finance, media, entertainment, and education. Look under the names for more hints.

1. Tim Niser
Praise the Lord!

2. Roy Tenat
When people get in trouble, they often contact me with their one phone call.

3. Brock Kortes (2 words)
Some say they gamble with other people’s money.

4. Janis Roult
People in this field often major in English in college.

5. Footayl Pallerb (2 words)
This guy will be cheered on by fans in the "Black Hole" if they're a "Raider."

6. Rel Way
Another name for one of the careers on this list.

7. Che Arte
A person in a career that deserves a pay increase.

8. Modes Rupel (2 words)
When will Sports Illustrated magazine have the male equivalent of these in their a special issue?

9. Dan Cuisto
Although most people rarely see them or respect them, they’re among the most important, and knowledgable, people at any business or school. They’re also known by another name that starts with a “j.”

10. Felipe Cofroic (2 words)
To serve and protect.


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