Hip Hop Education Resources

Posted Mar 30 2006

While this is obviously not a comprehensive list, this listing should help you get started in generating ideas. Please keep in mind that hip hop is very complex and just like someone who watches Roots doesn’t become an expert on the "African-American experience," merely reading a few books, listening to a few CDs, and appropriating some slang doesn’t make one a hip-hop expert or make up for poor teaching or a lack of healthy relationships with students. Hip hop is merely another tool to enhance the education process. Our best resource is one another...students, educators, artists, etc.

Hip Hop Poetry and the ClassicsBooks

Hip Hop America
-A first hand account of hip hop's growth as a culture and business up until the '90s from someone who was there
Hip-Hop Poetry and the Classics: For the Classroom
-Several ready-made lesson plans teaching poetry concepts by comparing and contrasting classic authors such as Shakespeare with hip-hop artists such as Tupac and Talib Kweli
Makin’ It
-A 12-part program designed to help students plan and strive for success
Rhythm and Business
-An overview of how big business influences popular culture and exploits Black artists
Rhythm and BusinessVibe History of Hip Hop
-An overview of hip hop’s development
When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost
-Hip hop insights from a female perspective
Who Shot Ya’
-A visual history of hip hop over the years
Yes, Yes, Ya’ll
-stories and pictures from hip hop’s old school, by those who actually lived it


Bean Soup Times
-Chicago-based website that uses satire to address social issues from an African-American perspective
Black Electorate
-news, essays, and politics - not strictly hip hop
Domingo Yu
-hip hop reading list, lesson plans, essays, and more
When Chickenheads Come Home to RoostH2Ed
-A New York based organization of educators dedicated to using hip hop as a way of connecting, educating, and activating(!) youth
Hip Hop Circuit
-expository writing program by Dr. Jamal Cooks of San Francisco State University
Rap Dictionary
-just what it says, but online
Davey D
-hip hop news, essays, and politics
Original Hip Hop Lyrics Online
-lyrics to countless songs
Rap Coalition
-a resource for those interested in the hip-hop music industry. A variety of essays with the artists and consumers’ best interests in mind
Rickey Vincent
A Bay Area professor and musician who's made a career out of documenting and teaching funk, and by extenstion, hip hop


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