Mexican Trivia Game

Posted Mar 30 2006

UPDATED-2008. (Remember that every day is Mexican history! No need to wait until a holiday to use these.)

In honor of Mexican Independence Day, September 16th, we played trivia in my World History class. There are a mixture of questions related to Mexican and Mexican-American history. As we weren't specifically studying Mexico at the time, I used movies, music, and anything else that students were familiar with to engage them. Basically, the class was broken up into two teams and they picked the difficulty of the questions that they wanted each turn. I read the questions out loud. This activity went over well. I'm sure the taquitos and tacos we had didn't hurt. It has a California Bay Area bias so use to your discretion!-Sept. 2003

Avenda Juarez piece100 pts

Today is Mexican Independence Day. Who did Mexico win independence from?

What is the most common language spoken in Mexico?

What/who are Chicanos?
 Mexican-Americans (as opposed to Mexicans from Mexico)

What Native American group ruled Mexico before Europeans invaded?

This famous Honduran-American actress is often thought to be Mexican due to her starring role in Real Women Have Curves. She currently stars in TV shows such as Ugly Betty and the movie the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.
America Ferrera

Who is Selena?
 Tejano/pop singer who was killed by the president of her fan club. Selena was becoming a crossover artist, appealing to both Latino and non-Latino audiences

Jennifer Lopez played the role of Selena in the movie about Selena. Is J.Lo Mexican?
 No, she’s Puerto Rican

When did Columbus first stumble across the Americas?

Why didn’t Columbus discover the Americas? 
There were already people living here.

Bonus: Why is it still partially accurate to say that he did discover the Americas?
 To Europeans, it was a discovery. They didn’t know it existed before.

What’s the name of the popular Mexican vacation city that starts with a “C?”

This Mexican-American was a start quarterback for the USC Trojans college team and took the professional New York Jets to the playoffs in his first year.  What is his name?
 Mark Sanchez

What’s a quinciñera? 
Celebration for 15 year old girl

Who is the famous comedian who is one of the only Latinos to ever have their own show in prime time television, which can now be seen on "Nick at Nite?"
George Lopez

200 pts

Who is the famous singer often called “El Rey,” whose son Alejandro is also a famous singer? Vicente Fernandez

Who is the famous, former world champion Mexican-American boxer from East East L.A.?
Oscar de la Hoya

Who is Moctezuma? 
Ruled the Aztecs

What’s a Conquistador? 
A Spaniard who came to the Americas with the intent of conquest.

What were the two sides who fought at the Battle of the Alamo?
 Texas and Mexico.

Who won the Battle of the Alamo?

This Bay Area rapper is know for his hit with Mistah F.A.B. and having his own bobblehead. What’s his name? Scweez

What’s the popular Mexican vacation destination with the initials P.V.?
 Puerto Vallarta

Who is Cesar Chavez?
 A labor organizer who fought for the rights of working class people. His organization, the United Farm Workers also led the boycott against grapes, which were sprayed with pesticides that led to sickness and birth defects, including babies born with no limbs.

Who helpd Cesar Chavez lead the UFW?
Dolores Huerta

The Mexican entertainer Lucero is famous for acting and what else? Singing

300 pts

The Aztec City of Tenochitlan is now known as what?
 Mexico City

What is currently the most popular religion in Mexico?

What were the Spanish looking for in Mexico?

Latinos (not just Mexicans, but everyone from Spanish-speaking countries), are the second largest ethnic group in the United States, after people of European descent. Which ethnic group is third largest in this country?

In the Mexican-American War, a group from of non-Mexicans helped fight against the U.S. and were known as the San Patricio Corp (St. Patrick’s). Which country were they from? 
Ireland. Both Mexicans and Irish tend to be Catholic and since the U.S. was predominately Protestant, the Irish fought for religious reasons.

Besides English, what other language was the Constitution of California originally written in?

The Brown Berets were an activist group in the ‘70s who fought for better education, health, and jobs in the Mexican-American community. Which Oakland-based organization did they base themselves after?
 Black Panthers

In the past few years this man has been listed as the richest man in the world. What is his name?
Carlos Slim

Who is Pancho Villa?
 Mexican revolutionary who fought against a Mexican dictator and the U.S.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo did what for a living?

This actress and movie director, famous for films such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Once Upon a Time In Mexico and Frida, is of Mexican and Arab descent.
Salma Hayek

This rapper is nearly as famous for selling tamales as rapping:
Chingo Bling

400 pts

Lynda Carter, who is part Mexican, played the role of a super hero on this popular TV show in the ‘70s. What was the name of this show?
 Wonder Woman

This baseball player from Sonora sparked a craze in the U.S. called “Fernandomania” after finding success with the Los Angeles Dodgers, winning several awards including “Rookie of the Year.” What was his last name? Valenzuela

A Mexican-American came in second to Arnold Schwarzenneger in the last election for governor of California. What is his name?
 Cruz Bustamante

Name one other Native American/Indian group from Mexico besides the Aztecs.
 Examples: Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans, Yaqui, Tlaxcalans, Zacatecas

This governor in the United States has run for president and is considered to be one of the most skilled politicians in the country. What is his name?
Bill Richardson

Identify the writer whose books Chicana Falsa, Honey Blonde Chica, and How to be a Chicana Role Model are popular with teens. Michelle Serros

Eduardo Najera is currently a player in the United States National Basketball Association. Who does he play for?
New Jersey Nets (FYI Najera is from Chihuahua, MX)

Cinco de Mayo is often confused for Mexican Independence Day. What does this day actually celebrate?
 A victory in a battle against the French, who were also trying to take control of Mexico

This former player for Mexico, including World Cup appearances, now plays for the Chicago Fire of the United States Major Soccer League. What is his name?
Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo

Even though the story of Zorro takes place in Mexico, Zorro isn’t Mexican. What is he?

Bonus: What does zorro mean in Spanish? 

What does mestizo mean?
 Mixed race (usually in reference to Spanish and Native American)

Who was Father Hidalgo?
 Started the Mexican Revolution against Spain.

At least one state in Mexico is named after a prominent Mexican president with African ancestry. What is the name of this state/president?

The China Poblana is a popular type of dress for Mexican women. It is believed that the design is based off the clothing of a female slave brought from which country? India

Max Montoya is in this professional sporting leagues’ Hall of Fame. Which sport did he play? Football (NFL-National Football League)

Ruben Salazar was a famous journalist known for giving a voice to Mexican and Mexican-American issues in the sixties and the United States Postal service recently issued a stamp in his honor. How did Salazar die? Shot by a tear gas projectile during a Vietnam War protest.


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