Unity High DJ Project CD 3

Posted Mar 30 2006

This is a compilation CD that I put together for The Unity High School DJ Project, an afterschool program that I work with in East Oakland, CA. Among other things, the high school students who participate record their own songs, including the beats and vocals, to contribute to a compliation CD featuring other youth in Oakland. Each week my co-teacher and I give students a CD and we discuss their thoughts about various tracks. The idea for this CD is to expose the participants to a wide range of music and to develop their analytical skills. My co-teacher and I alternate weeks in terms of selecting songs. This was one of my weeks, obviously (smile).

1. Monteorlines-Cubanismo
The African influence on Latin music is huge. Here’s a small intro from Cuba.

2. Music-Eric Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye
The wonders of technology…hip hop MC Eric Sermon teams up with the late, great Marvin Gaye.

3. Master Blaster (Jammin’)-Stevie Wonder
The reggae influence on soul singer Wonder is obvious.

4. Periquito Pin Pin-The Tommy Olivencia Orchestra
Another Latin classic from the Caribbean

5. Breathing Bass-DJ Magic Mike
A classic instrumental “speaker-buster” by pioneering DJ from Orlando, FL.

6. Constant-User
Techno from the underground.

7. Lay It Down-DJ Nehpets
A sample of a classic “ghetto house” track from Southside Chicago.

8. Drop It Like It's Hot (Manny Faces mix)-Snoop Dogg
Laid back remix of radio hit.

9. Axis-One Be Lo
Conscious hip hop out of the Midwest.

10. Take All The Time You Need-Roy Ayers
Smooth groove by jazz legend

11. Help Me (Joni Mitchel)-Nicole Kramer
Remake of song by music legend Joni Mitchell

12. Take Saravá-Silvia Torres
Chill Brazilian jam

13. Sing Your Life-Morrissey
Party record by former lead singer of British rock band The Smiths.

14. Mi Flauta (Dance Mix)-Aura Cristina
Spanish dance track

A short interview with East Oakland rapper and his thoughts about radio

16. México Lindo-O-Maya
Another cross-cultural jam by Bay-area band

17. Maldito Amor-Vicente Fernandez
Slow jam by legendary Mexican balladeer

18. Freedom Fighter-Half Pint
Political reggae

19. Krs One-Kenny K-Live 88.5-1987-KRS One
Some hip hop history


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