Ego Trip's Book of Hip Hop Lists

Posted Mar 26 2006

A must have for true hip-hop fans.

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A must have for true hip-hop fans. Be forewarned, your knowledge of hip hop must move beyond MTV and the radio and predate Tupac to really appreciate this book. The witty crew of the new defunct Ego Trip magazine document, mock, and have fun with everyone from Madonna to Ice-T, quoting songs from 20 years ago and referencing groups who never sold more than twelve copies of an album. Just about everything you need to know about hip hop (up unit the end of '98) is in here. Kool DJ Red Alert lists essential old school DJs (meaning the '70s and 'early '80s, not 1995!), "Hard Hitting Homophobic Lyrics", "10 Wack Album Titles", "Chuck D's 5 Reasons Why Radio Sucks", "Great Songs About Parents", "Rappers Who Have Declared Bankruptcy", "Rappers With Jheri Curls", and "20 Dope Anti Drug Songs," are just some of the useful lists you can quiz your friends on. If you're overly -sensitive you might grit your teeth at times (see "10 Remarkably Racist Records", "# of Times the 'N' Word Appears on N.W.A.'s Albums" or "Feakiest Songs About Doin' The Nasty."), but appreciate this book for its irreverent, but meaningful look at hip hop.


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