Gangsta Rap

Posted Jan 21 2007

Read the review!'s a coloring book so that's not much to review.



I have to say that I was a bit disappointed that the characters of
Schoolly D, 2Pac, Ice-T, Dr. Dre, Snoop, King Tee, and other G's weren't drawn in the Disney or Japanese school of cartooning, but it's something for all the o.g.'s and b.g.'s alike looking to release some stress in a more positive fashion. Call me old school, but I wouldn't buy it for my little ones. How 'bout some "Rainbow Brite" or Calle Sesemo? This is a nice diversion for us older kids though.


1. Tania said at June 13, 2008 8:08 pm:

What i thinkabout this coloring book is that that's how liitle one's start getting related to gangs. I think that is good for someone that know all of that but for youngers kids that are starting to grow up is bot. People dont realize that by looking at those types of books or anything related to gangs is the way that they start getting inlvoed in gangs.People might say that it can't happen but when they realized it did is to late for that. That's why there's an age when they could start learning about gangs. I say this because i have family members that are really young and they say that they dont like or red. I'm like they are really young and they talk about that already. Imagine when they get much older. I dont think parents should be buying those types f books because that's how they start. Because once you realized it happen it might be to late to take it away because something might happen. I agree with you it's dissapointed how they can release books like this for kids.

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