Journal of Hip Hop

Posted Jul 17 2006

Collection of hip-hop writings and activities for educators and music fans.

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Typically when I hear the title “Journal of Anything” I run the other direction. My limited experience has been with dense writings weighed down by so much academic jargon that I can barely keep my eyes open as I start to doze off. This journal, however, is the complete opposite. Editors Ryan and Smith have put together a great collection of materials for anyone interested in hip hop and how it relates to education and social justice issues. It’s a great resource for teachers and includes lyric analysis, essays, crossword puzzles, interviews, poems and book reviews. I found a number of items to use in my class and useful references for additional information. There are a variety of contributors, some of whom do get a bit academic. However, this is a great buy and the first in a series of publications by the Washington D.C. based Hip Hop Matters.

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1. Tania said at June 13, 2008 11:43 pm:

I agree with you when i hear the word journal what i think they are talking about the hournal wher you write your secrets. But as you said this book it's not about that it's about helpng the teachers.l It's just so easy to judge something just bu hearing any word or by just looking at something. But i think that we shouldn't judge anything or someone just by how it looks. Based on what you wrote it seems that it's a really interesting book and it help you guys as teachers. Including that it's about hip-hop. Because rarelay theres some interesting books that have something people like that can teach at the same time.

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