Predator: Big Game

Posted Aug 17 2010

A Navajo soldier named Enoch Nakai takes on the alien Predator, which he likens to the mythical Horned Monster of the Navajo Nayenezgani legend. Is this a work of high literature? Nope. Worth a read for sci-fi fans?

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I picked this up for cheap and can't say that I was  disappointed over the $2.50 or so I spent. In a nutshell, it's a Predator versus a Navajo soldier, Enoch Nakai. It's no surprise that there's plenty of killing in this tale and Nakai begins to think this is the Horned Monster from the Navajo legend of Nayenezgani. As someone who's a sci-fi nerd, as well as a history one, I liked the Native American connection for this story, although it was predictable at times, including Nakai's struggle with alcohol and overt racism directed towards him from his army peers and superiors.

Having said that, don't expect anything terribly deep here and there are some plot holes. Beyond Nakai, there isn't much character development and it would've been good to learn more about the Predator, which is basically a one-dimensional killing machine in this story.  I haven't read any of the other Predator books so I don't know how it compares, but it served its purpose to entertain and I did do some research on the Navajo legend so I did learn something as well. It's definitely a step above the atrocious AVP movies, but probably more along the The Predators one rather than the original. A decent read for those of us into this genre.


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