Spook Who Sat By the Door, The

Posted Mar 12 2006

As I skimmed my bookshelf the other day, I couldn't believe that I left this one off of the reading list!

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While it's a work of fiction this a must read for anyone with even a passive interest in community organizing, Black nationalism, or identity. In a nutshell, the CIA's first Black agent is actually a double agent, working towards Black liberation. The lead character, Dan Freeman, plays the role of what could politely be called a sell-out, masking his true intention to lead a revolt of the racist American government system. I won't spoil the details, but Freeman navigates the web of social structures cutting across race, class, and sex in this fast, engaging read. Do not watch the movie without reading this book first! There's no comparison between the two. To make my endorsement of this book clear, it remains one of my favorites. No matter your personal stance on the U.S. government, Greenlee brings up thought-provoking issues that affect ALL of us, not just African Americans. This is a classic that remains relevant more than 30 years later!


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