Bay Area Hip Hop and Oakland Unity High School

Posted Mar 29 2006

The last couple weeks were crazy hectic. I wish that I could reflect on everything, but I don't think that there's time for that in a public forum. However, I wanted to at least get some pics up. Here are the events, in no particular order...The Vision 20/20 Hip Hop Conference at the Cell Space in San Francisco, the Weekend Wakeup at Youth Uprising in east Oakland, a screening of the documentary "Where Are They Now," the infamous Stanford Hip Hop Conference, Public Enemy in-store appearance at Rasputin in Berkeley, a cookout for some stellar students at Oakland Unity High School, a field trip to the San Francisco Public Library, and a meeting for Youth Against Youth Incarceration. I think I'm going to go find a rock to crawl under for a few days and get some sleep ;)


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