Dancing in Los Angeles

Posted May 27 2009

This past weekend of May 22nd-May 25th found Detroit-based dance instructors Kevin “Flash” Collins and April Hayes in L.A., teaching dances such as The Graystone Ballroom, Bop, and advanced Detroit cha cha. Beyond the well-attend workshops included a dance at The Regency West and a May birthday celebration at Vanessa’s Positive Energy Center, drawing people from cities such as San Jose and Honolulu.

Special thanks to Vanessa, Victor, and Jami for the hospitality and Wanda (San Jose), Wanda (L.A.), Spud (Detroit), Carolyn (Oakland), Tony (Honolulu), and everyone else who came out to party! (Sorry, don’t remember all the names!)

Check out some youtube links from the weekend’s festivities:
Detroit Bop Class demo
Detroit Bop demo 2
Graystone Ballroom and Chop

*Before heading out to L.A. I stopped by a Chicago Steppers’ Set in Oakland and included a couple of pics from Kimball’s Lounge.


1. carolyn said at May 28, 2009 1:41 am:

This is so good! Didn't realize my photo was being taken...but glad for it -- I had a lot of fun doing the ballroom cha cha. I'm ready to take stepping to another level!

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