Hyphy San Francisco, Houston Dance Conference, Weapons of Miseducation-SFSU

Posted Aug 7 2006

There's a little bit of everything in his gallery!

First off are photos from a panel on the "Hyphy Movement" at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. This definitely wasn't the venue you'd expect to have this conversation (they had wine and cheese after the panel!), but it was a good, though-provoking one. Adisa Banjoko facilitated while Traxamillion (super-producer), Mistah F.A.B. (emcee, radio personality), Tamara Palmer (author of Country Fried Soul: Adventures in Dirty South Hip-Hop), and Eric K. Arnold (journalist) spoke their mind.

Next up to bat are photos from the Dance Fusion USA conference in Houston, which focused on urban-based couple dances such as Detroit Ballroom and Chicago Step, as well as hustles AKA soul line dancing.

Finally, Bay-area organizations Making Waves and Youth Speaks held a youth summit entitled "Weapons of Miseducation" at San Francisco State University. Topics and workshops included the military, spoken word, getting into college tips, and the impact of goin' dumb. Yours truly faciliated a trio of workshops on youth represenation in hip hop, including a look at who's making money off of it and why Tupac remains relevant to so many youth. Participants came from all over the Bay and even states such as Hawai'i, Arizona, and Illinois were represented. A couple of my students from Oakland repped on the student panel. Yeee!


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