Japanese Culture and History Class

Posted Aug 10 2007

Various images from a couple of classes that I taught at Oakland Unity High School, CA. Besides typical lectures, students did presentations, tried food, watched DVD clips and studied atypical topics including Brazilians immigrants, the Chicano gang influence, and Harajuko street fashion. A thank you to Dawn-Elissa Fischer for the yukatas.

The following are links to some of the pictures we reviewed in class:
Tokyo pics
Tokyo Pics 2
Ogaki school pics
Pics from Gifu

The following are links to interviews we read in this class.
Head of the Japan Zulu Nation
Japanese High School Student
Japanese American woman visits Japan for the first time
African American teacher and artist shares thoughts on visiting Japan
Govt. official discusses immigration and women's rights


1. Lucia S. said at May 20, 2008 11:04 pm:

The clothing in the pictures look pretty cool. But, I'm wondering why does a picture of the Raiders have to do with Japanese culture and history because there is one up there. And, oddly enough, the students don't appear too interesting in the magazines.

2. Amado Rosas said at June 20, 2008 2:43 am:

Oh, man! What a shame I did not get to go to summer school and take this class. I've always been so interested in learning more about Japanese culture, from their food, to their music, to their fashion, and traditions. The galleries are very good because they cover many aspects of the life in Japan, from immigrants and their effect on that country, to their education system and the rules it has, and of course the music. One thing that is clear to me from gazing at all the pictures in the galleries is that Japanese are very unique in their fashion. They are also very organized at their schools, and I like the fact that the kids learn how to be responsible through cleaning up the buildings. Good thing we are already implementing this plan at Unity by having the freshmen clean up when they mess up. Hah, hah, just joking. But seriously, I've heard so many good things about Japan, and through this galleries, I felt motivated to go to Japan in the future.

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