Mash-Taichung, Taiwan

Posted Mar 29 2006

Apr 9 2005 - This was my first time playing in Taichung and I had a good time although this was more of a lounge set up so people weren't dancing throughout the night. Honestly, this threw me for a loop as I was playing almost nothing but hits, but the response was uneven. They wanted a hip hop/R&B vibe and the crowd was definitely commercially oriented. Someone said that people tended to be a bit more shy and that I had to wait for the liquor to kick in. About an hour and a half into my set the floor suddenly became packed, which motivated me. But once they got going, my set was nearly done. Some hits that really got a positive response were Ciera's "1, 2, Step," anything by Beyonce or J-Lo, and 50-Cent's "Candy Shop." Songs like "Salt Shaker" seemed to be a bit hard for their tastes and "Yeah" got no response on the dancefloor. Three other guys also DJed and everyone played that song. It got heads nodding, but not much response on the floor. Later in the night, I got back on and spun some Latin house, Chicago house, and electro bass, including tracks by Starski and Clutch and DJ Godfather. By this time, only the really, really drunk people and hardcore music fans remained. This second "mini set" got a very positive response based on conversations and e-mails. Can I stake my claim as the first one to do a ghettotech set in Taiwan? The next night I ended up in Taipei and was able to compare the scenes more. However, the full report will come later. For now, here are some pics for yo' viewing pleasure! Shout outs to Mike, Mike's family, Chi Funk, and Ben for all of their support! Just added...At the very end I put the CD covers for a mix that I did related to this trip.


1. six joints said at October 5, 2006 11:15 am:

yo me and my crew are trying to get overthere and tour. we are the ghetto kingz a hip hop group from va. holla at me man i need some kind of contact over there peace

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