Oakland Photoshoot, KRS-One in Eureka, CA

Posted Aug 7 2006

The first few photo's are from a photoshoot my lady put together, which was a pretty laid-back experience. Too many times these types of events are soiled with divas and ego maniacs. Not this one! A laid-back crew - models and photographer alike!

Secondly, I hit up a KRS-One concert up in Humboldt County, courtesy of my boy Mass Cypher of the Dirty Rats collective. It was an amazing show and I regained my appreciation for KRS as an MC and performer. The last couple of times that I saw him, including his infamous confrontation with Adisa Banjoko, I began losing some of my enthusiasm. However, he had me digging back in the crates after this one!

Yeah, there are a lot of nature shots here. Just a little something to remind me why I moved to California. Beyond the show, I took some time to be a tourist and relax a bit, including a stop over at Redd's Caribbean Hut, a must for any lover of good food!


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