Round II: Certified Knockout-Oakland, CA

Posted Mar 29 2006

Dec 14 2005 6:00 pm - This was a CD release party for the second round of the "DJ Project" at my high school, hence the title. For those not familiar with the program, youth participants learn the basics of recording and create their own beats and write their own lyrics while using professional grade recording equipment and software. This event concluded our second session at our school and it was a rousing success! We started off with non-DJ Project students reading their original poetry or spoken word pieces and finished off the night with participants from the San Francisco site and Unity's site. The audience included all ages and I felt like a proud papa when all was said and done. While there are too many shout outs to go around, key ones include Mr. Castillo, Jeff, Daniela, Deep Roots Teahouse, Ms. Sufi, Grant Elementary and Ms. Zarazua, Rachel Swan of the East Bay Express, and everyone who came out. Check out Rache's write up below and be sure to pick up a copy of the CD!


As much as we all love Mistah Fab's shaggy-dog stories about metros and chirpers or Keak da Sneak's penchant for name-checking every street corner in East Oakland, what really moves us is the immediacy of their beats -- all those booms, slaps, and scraping sounds assembled by rap titans like E-40, Trax, and E-A-Ski. Now, through nonprofit entrepreneurship programs like the DJ Project, high school students in East Oakland are learning to make their own beats, and garnering important technical skills at the same time. Come check out the next generation of hip-hop producers -- among them King Kirk, Lil' New York, Cali Casinova, Problem Child, and Sin -- tonight at Deep Roots Urban Teahouse. The show kicks off at 6 p.m. and costs nothing.


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