Skylark-San Francisco, CA

Posted Mar 18 2006

Date: Apr 4 2003 Time: 6:30 pm Comments: From the "official press release" of a Memorial Day booking. PUT YOUR HANDS UP "DETROIT"!!! We're very excited to bring you a special edition of Detroit this Sunday night at the Skylark. While back in the real Detroit this weekend, literally millions of people are converging on Hart Plaza for the 3 spectacular now known as the Movement Festival, here in SF we're turning things up likewise. Check it out: Detroit hip-hop and techno DJ and Producer Domingo Yu will be holding it down and funking it up. Domingo, AKA DJ Chino, has spun around the country and the world, representing the Detroit mix-sensibility from London to the Far East and Down Under. For this Sunday, as Domingo puts it: "While the focus is on Detroit artists, basically, it's the style of Djing, with everything from house, to funk, to ghetto tech, to hip hop, to dancehall getting play. If you can Detroit ballroom, Latin hustle, jit, bop, Chicago Step, or do any of the 8 million hustles, this is the party for you! There will be free give aways too!" And this party is especially for anyone that wants to get their groove on this Sunday night. Domingo brings his own style and reps the scene with sounds ya might not even know that Detroit had in store for ya! (So, whats the difference between "Ballroom" and "Dancehall" anyway? heh-heh!) We're very excited an honored to have Domingo in the house and its gonna be one to remember. Note that these pics are from multiple nights at the Skylark as I'ved DJed there on different occassions


1. Amado Rosas said at June 19, 2008 2:31 am:

Oh, Mr.Zarazua. I bet you miss those days huh! After having you as a teacher for the last four years, I still find you very interesting. I wouldn't have imagined that a person could have such a transition in your life, from being a DJ to becoming a high school teacher. But it seems like you like to keep it interesting. I just want to say that I appreciate you because you are a person that likes change, and that you are not afraid to experiment new things. I would have liked to see you DJing sometime. Well, we'll see what the next shift will be.

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