South Central Farm, Echa La Mano (L.A.)Earth Day-Oakland

Posted May 17 2006

Images from the South Central Farm in L.A., a fund raiser for a school in Chiapas, Mexico, and Earth Day in Oakland.

In spite the relative light mood in the images, including the kids selling lizards for a dollar, the farm faces a dire situation. It's a 14 acre community farm that is set to shut down if 5 million dollars are not raised w/n the next couple of days. This is an amazing place and everyone from Immortal Technique to Leonardo DiCaprio has come out to support. Check out these links for more info: South Central Farmers and Save Our Garden

On a related note, check out the farming program going on at our school in Oakland via the Oakland Food Connection. Fortunately the situation is more stable, but we're all in the same struggle.

Next, check out the pics from "Echa La Mano" a fundraiser to help purchase books and shoes for a school in Chiapas. Among the featured DJs were Esteban Adame of the Los Hermanos collective.

Finally, I know that they're a bit old, but here are some pics from the Youth Uprising Earth Day event. YU is an amazing youth-oriented community center in East Oakland, whose activities include a strong arts program. It's gained quite a bit of attention, including being featured in E-40's "Tell Me When to Go" video. This particular event found youth and others cleaning up MacArthur Blvd. on Saturday morning.


1. Mohammad said at May 17, 2006 2:06 pm:

Nice pictures man. It was a kickass weekend.

2. Esteban Adame said at May 17, 2006 3:15 pm:

Hey homie, you killed me with some of those captions...LOL It was good to finally meet you bro.. I hope the drive wasn't too bad.

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