Southern California College Trips

Posted May 5 2007

A week after returning from Atlanta, my school took another college trip to Southern California. This time we definitely had more time constraints and we focused more on visiting as many colleges as possible. Also, the group was more than twice as large. It ended up being a great trip and a this point I could probably write a book on organizing trips such as these! At any rate, some of the colleges we visited were San Diego State, UCLA, Long Beach State, Occidental, and UC Santa Barbara. A special thanks to the Hip Hop Congress (Shamako, Vishal, LJ) for helping us out at the last minute, my boy Mohammad from the U of M days, and of course everyone back at Unity!


1. Lucia S. said at May 16, 2008 12:05 am:

I remembered attending this trip around Southern California. Basically, twenty other students were able to come along due to their specific grades and behavior in school. I think one of the best parts of this trip was exploring the colleges on our own instead of having the unenthusiastic campus tour guides telling us boring facts about the college such as, "This building was built in 1964. The foundation is made out of bricks." I understand the buildings are part of the college and such, but that information was so unnecessary. I think that if the tour guides would've talked more about the majors and college life of a university would be very helpful for anyone wanting to attend a school in that California area. As I've mentioned before, the tour guides themselves were extremely uninteresting. They were just basic college students giving us tours for some unknown reason (I wasn't sure what was in it for them if they gave people tours). They may as well just drive visitors around the campus in cars to end the tour more quickly if they don't like doing this guiding task. Anywho, mostly the time we spent on this trip was driving around in vans. It was so many hours of my life that was wasted. Though, I appreciated how the teachers actually drove us around Southern California when they really didn't have to do this for us. So, the overall negatives of this trip was the car ride and the tour guides. But everything else was pretty much fine. We all got to stay at a very fancy hotel that was nearby the LAX airport. The view was pretty great due to the fact that we were checked into rooms at the highest level of the building. I think the pool was fun as well, even though I can't swim. I'm sure everyone had a great time during that part of the trip as well as going to the beach to swim, play football or tan in the sun. What made the trip great was the fact that the entire journey wasn't just based on colleges. We got to have fun and do off topic things from time to time even though we were kind of in a tight schedule to witness as many colleges as possible within nearly a week. It probably would've been almost entirely boring if we really did spend all of our time just on colleges because most of the students were pretty drained from walking a lot. But, in the end, we managed to visit over several colleges. All of which were huge, active and apparently famous.

2. Amado Rosas said at June 12, 2008 7:48 pm:

I my self attended that college trip to Southern California. First of all I would like to thank Ms. Ramos, Mr.Zarazua, Mr.Driscoll, and Ms.Craig for the load of time and effort they put into organizing this trip. In general it was a very fun trip, not only because I had a good time with my friends, getting to know them better, but also because it allowed me to explore the many different colleges that we visited. The places at which we stayed overnight were really nice for the most part, with the exception of a small incident that a couple of students had at one of the hotels. I think, however, that there could be some things that can be changed for any future college trips of this kind. As Lucia said before, the college tours given by the students were boring, and full of very unimportant facts about the college or university. I would recommend exploring the college with someone who knows the campus and its majors, but of course will not get the group bored. I would also like to say that the question/interview sheets were a mess, and did not allow us to fully observe the college, and admire the different interesting facts that they have.

3. mori said at June 13, 2008 5:39 pm:

this seems very intersing i wish i could have whent with them and that experience

4. Martin Rochin said at June 16, 2008 2:48 am:

I also went on this trip and I had a great time on it. The accommodations were nice most of the time and being free from the monotonic tour guides for a while (as mentioned by my classmates previously) was quite the relief. I think that once you have seen one college tour, you have seen them all. Nothing changes except the names of the buildings and the materials used to make them. Since Unity students had already gone to about ten college tours before going to Southern California, we no longer wanted the generic tour. It was enjoyable to interview students and get honest opinions. The only thing I did not like about the bulk of the trip itself was that we did two colleges per day. Since we were traveling, many of us suffered from lack of sleep (most of us willingly). However, doing two colleges per day while being sleepy left me with a blurry combination of a memory from most colleges. I guess this is a good time to say all's well that ends well because the University that stood out to me the most happens to be the one I will attend: UC Santa Barbara!!!!

5. Ernesto said at June 21, 2008 1:04 pm:

I remember the pancakes. There were HUGE!!! More than 16 inches in diameter. It is a suprise that There are a lot fun exciting thing to see and experience. In San Luis Obispo they had this pizza shop with some of the spiciest pizza I evre ate. I was also supriste that the beaches are not that beautiful due to the fact that there are many oil refineries and goo of oil laying doen in the beach. The fusterating part is taking it off the clothes and shoes. I got to experience the college life and the college 2 which resulted in eating fast food for a week. I belive trips like this should be made for other students to experience the college life and the world around the bay area.

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