Superbowl ESPN Zone/Cadillac

Posted Mar 29 2006

Feb 4 2006 - This was a fun-filled weekend in Detroit for the Super Bowl. I was too much of a small-fry to get into the big name events, although I ended up stuck at the official "Girls Gone Wild" party, which was pretty underwhelming. Some of the parties were like $1,000 to enter so I was more than content catching up with the homies and DJing some events. Among other things, I caught up with various Submerge folks at their montly event at the Buddha Lounge. People in the house included Electro Funk's Ade Mainor and UR's S2. My boy DJ Graffiti got me connected to DJ a multi-level event for Cadillac/ESPN/Gilette/Miller Lite. It was pretty fun actually. I was able to mix up the music and everyone was really looking to just enjoy themselves. Beyond the music, patrons were offered massages, facials, free tattoos, manicures, and a bunch of give aways. Yeah, it was a big corporate ad fest, but it was quite enjoyable. Besides straight DJing, I also helped man the "how to scratch" booth.

More pics here.


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