Taiwan Pics 2

Posted Aug 23 2009

Pics and video from around Taipei, including the 2-28 Museum, a night at the Oldie Goodie Bar, Mexican eating at Eddy’s Cantina, the Taipei Mosque, and good Italian food at The Black Fire Restaurant. The 2-28 Museum documents one of the most distressing events in Taiwanese history in which the Nationialist mainland government killed thousands of locals and opened the door for more than four decades of martial law. While the museum’s exhibit isn’t a pleasant one, it’s a necessary visit to gain some insight into Taiwanese identity and also emphasizes resistance to these oppressive policies.

On a lighter note, the Oldie Goodie Bar hosts some of the best soul/R&B nights around with the house band doing original pieces and covers. Eddy’s Cantina is one of only two Mexican-owned restaurants in Taiwan so I definitely had to make it a point to check that out. Also had a chance to check out a great Italian place with my friends Kathy and Zoe, where the owner was super friendly and actually sang opera for 20 years in Italy. Plus random pics and videos of different people, including my friend Mike and some random Korean woman he ended up helping out.

Oldie Goodie Band singing "Spain" video
Oldie Goodie Band singing "I'd Rather Go Blind" video
Pre-Typhoon Taipei video

Taiwan Pics 1-Shinkeng, Taipei MOCA, Pan Africana, ShiDa Market
Taiwan Pics 3-Fish pedicures in Wulai, Brass Monkey salsa night, food
Monkey salsa night, food
Taiwan Pics 4-El Gallo, various temples, Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Ximending Gallery-Modern Toilet Restaurant, Doobiest, Graffiti, Black Reign


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