Unity High Lake Tahoe Trip

Posted Jul 3 2006

When school let out some colleagues and I took a group of students who had met certain academic goals to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. Unfortunately not every student who qualified could attend but we had a great group and a great time. Besides the great views we ice skated, hiked, spent time at the beach, played at the arcade, had a barbeque, went to the movies, and went on a cruise of a lake. The students did more in three days than some people will do all summer! I think it was one of those once-in-a-life-time trips. Special thanks to Ms. Valencia and Ms. Craig, who hooked us up with all of the right people to make this trip possible!


1. Big Frank said at July 3, 2006 1:16 pm:

Wow. Sounds like fun. Wish I coulda went.

2. Lucia S. said at May 16, 2008 12:50 am:

The trip actually was fun. Car rides sucked, sort of. But, still, we all managed to have a great time. The first thing we did in Lake Tahoe was ice skating. I was actually eager to get on the ice and try to skate. I was having a few problems with keeping my balance because I kept worrying I was going to fall. Then I thought to myself, "Ahh, screw it! If I fall, then I do. I'll just try again." And, that's when I finally was able to skate normally. Though, I fell once... XD Anywho, a whole lot of people fell, which was hilarious. The teacher took pictures as evidence for anyone who fell. I kept ice skating even after mostly everyone got off because I was having fun. But, then we had to leave of course. The house we stayed in was weird. There were only stairs in the first floor inside of the house while the second floor had some bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. The worst part for me was sleeping in the laundry closet. There was this certain area that seemed to have an electric current flowing through it. So, obviously, the floor was uncomfortable until I used this blanket I found on one of the shelves of the closet. I didn't like how me along with other students weren't able to sleep in the living room, which had more mattresses and a huge space for a lot of people to sleep on. But, apparently, the girls managed to get two bedrooms while all of the boys slept in one room. It was pretty hilarious how the boys didn't want to share the bed with another male due to thinking it would be extremely gay. But, the next morning, the boys made breakfast for everyone, which was very generous of them. I don't know if they were bribed into doing it. I felt bad how the girls didn't bother to cook for the guys the next morning. It felt pretty wrong. Anywho... on a random note, there were a few huge things we've done on this trip that I kind of liked. It was when I got to play ping-pong with everyone. It sucks how everyone would just quit so early on and not want to play with me. Very lame... and, as for the hiking ordeal, well... was alright. We got to hike up a mountain I'm assuming that had fresh water people could drink. It was actually kind of hot hiking, though. But, we went to the beach on that day as well. Everyone had fun splashing in the water and throwing sand at one another. A good highlight would have to be playing in the arcade. If only we had more time to play in there. Before then, we went to see Nacho Libre, a movie that wasn't even that good to watch. I really wanted to wait outside, but the teacher wouldn't let me. But, anyhow, on the last day of our trip, we went on a ferry that traveled around a huge lake. This ferry had three floors and I tried to stay at the second floor because the first one freaked me out. It looked as though the boat was going to overturn any minute if I looked away from the window. But, the highest floor was the best. The boat was sailing at a rapid speed, which felt like a roller coaster ride at some points. Only downside of the ferry was that there wasn't a lot to do there except look at the view such as trees, rocks, mountains, water, sky, people and other related things.

3. Amado Rosas said at June 20, 2008 3:35 am:

Man, that trip was fun. (Lucia, please stop being a bit negative, and look at the things on the bright side). I felt like this trip was was very special because I got to do a few things that I had never done in my life, such as ice skating, playing ping-pong and riding in a ferri. Ice skating was specially fun because I loved to see myself, as well as my friends and teachers, fall against the iced floor. Overall the experience was satisfactory, although I felt a bit unconfortable sleeping in a small piece of carpet floor that I had to share with another four or five guys. It was fun anyways. I want to thank the teachers, with Ms.Craig as a highlight, for the whole effort that she put,as well as all the other teachers, to organize this trip.

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