Unity Soccer match, Block Yard-East Oakland, CA

Posted Mar 29 2006

Oct 8 2005 - While Oakland, particularly the deep East side, often gets stereotyped as a haven for drugs and violence, the real story, or course, is much more complex. There are plenty of positive and creative people and events that never make the evening news. Are there enough of these events? No, but that doesn't diminish the reality that Oakland is more complex than what's shown on COPS or some bootleg DVD. In this particular case, I got some pics from an evening co-ed soccer game between my school, Unity High, and Oasis. It was a close, competitive game and there was a nice turnout from the neighborhood. The next day, I caught "The Block Yard" party, a semi-regular event hosted by Moses Music on 90 and International. While the language and content wasn't exactly appropriate for all ages, this was a positive event for the community. Essentially, it was a concert, dance showcase, and more...with free food! This session was sponsored by Sean T and The Jackal, while other performers included Mistah FAB. Shawn Kennedy of Moses Music helped man the mic and kicked some knowledge.


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