Various São Paulo-Spring 2011 set 2

Posted Aug 13 2011

More images from the spring 2011 São Paulo visit, including more murals, an open-mic session with the Cooperifia organization, and skateboarders in the Ipiranga neighborhood.

Art of Vila Madalena
A whirlwind tour of a local neighborhood in São Paulo. You could easily spend days exploring this place and we barely scratched the surface!
Cooperifa Open Mic-April 20, 2011
An open-mic sponsored by Cooperifa, a community organization that also does journalism, film screenings, and other activities in the Jardim Guarujá community of São Paulo, Brazil. It's officially known as "Sarau da Cooperifa." Plus a few "after-set" pics.
Os skatistas do Ipiranga (Skaters of Ipiranga)
On a daily basis locals hang out in front of the "Ipiranga Museum" including many skaters. Despite my nearly non-existent Portuguese, people were quite friendly and asked about pictures so I snapped away and here they are!

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