Vigil for slain Oakland Police Officers

Posted Mar 26 2009

While I have some strong thoughts on this incident, which I may share later, I hoped to get some images up from this vigil before too much time passed. All politics aside, it was good to see so many people come out and hopefully we'll see something positive come out of this. There were a few hecklers, but most people came to pay their respects. Still, I was disappointed that none of the speakers addressed the fact that the officers weren't the only ones who lost their lives that day. While we can't ignore Mixon's actions and alleged background, to not acknowledge that his family and friends are also in mourning does nothing to help work towards healing and growth as a community. I certainly hope that we can rise to the challenge and turn this tragedy into a positive turning point for Oakland!

While I didn't take many pictures of individuals I did try to capture different aspects of the vigil, including the memorial for Mixon and some graffiti that was certainly not from fans of OPD. To truly work through these issues we have to include the differing view points.

It must be noted that many of these images are courtesy of Oakland Unity High School senior Leticia Martinez, who certainly captured some better pictures than me! Her images start with the first pastor.


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