Washington D.C.-December 2009

Posted Dec 25 2009

Oakland Unity High School recently took 31 students to Washington D.C. as part of the The Close Up Program, whose purpose is to encourage students to be active citizens. Activities included a mock congress, a day on Capitol Hill, several workshops, and meeting with politicians, including Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. Of course there was a lot of sight-seeing, including major monuments and various museums. Other schools participated as well, representing places as diverse as Miami, Watts, Harlem, Hawai'i, and even Abu Dhabi. Here a handful of the hundreds of pics taken over the week. Of course the pics with students are more interesting but I figured I'd play it safe, in terms of what I post. Regardless, hopefully you can see that it was a phenomenal experience. I'd definitely recommend Close Up for any school and have to give a big thanks to Ms. Grant and Ms. Duros for making this happen at our school!


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