Ximending-Taipei, Taiwan

Posted Aug 22 2009

The Ximending area of Taipei is undoubtedly the heart of the city’s, if not the entire country’s, youth culture. It’s not the end-all-be-all, yet I can’t think of anywhere that has the same concentration of offerings ranging from hip hop to cinemas. At times Ximending has been compared to the Harajuku section of Tokyo, but it’s not quite there yet. Nonetheless, it’s well worth a visit and in the span of just over a week I found myself there three times! Below are images from The Modern Toilet restaurant, which in spite of its theme had decent food, visits to the Doobiest hip hop shop, Mr. Chino’s tattoo chop, checking out reggae at the Nakhla Shisha Lounge with Black Reign International Sound, as well as a few graffiti shots.

Ximending Michael Jackson Tribute video
More Modern Toilet Restaurant

Taiwan Pics 1-Shinkeng, Taipei MOCA, Pan Africana, ShiDa Market
Taiwan PIcs 2-Oldie Goodie Band, 2-28 Museum, homies, Eddy's Mexican Cantina
Taiwan Pics 3-Fish pedicures in Wulai, Brass Monkey salsa night, food
Monkey salsa night, food
Taiwan Pics 4-El Gallo, various temples, Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

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