Oakland Community Farmers' Market

Posted May 6 2009

Oakland Community Farmers' Market


  • 09 May 2009
  • 10 AM-2 PM


  • 4173 MacArthur Blvd.
  • Oakland, CA
  • USA

How much

  • $0


  • 510-482-1898

More Information

If you're in the Oakland area I highly recommend this one. While not large, the produce is good, they have jewelry, biscotti, and flowers for sale, and great food for lunch! I'll be spinning from 10is to 2 PM, mixing everything from hip hop to salsa to house.

Check out some pics from a past event.

"We operate year-round, every Saturday, from 10am - 2pm. Closed on major holidays.

Featuring foods from local producers and artisans, the OCFM, currently features J&P Organics, Biscotti Di Bianchi, The Purple Lawn Cafe and OFC's info booth.

We are currently seeking new vendors in the following areas: produce farmer, fruit farmer, nut farmer, jams, jellies preserves, organic meats, jewelry, soaps and more.

Contact us today for an estimate! Email or phone 510-482-1898."

Food is prepared by "The Purple Lawn Cafe," a youth-run program with students from E.C. Reems, LPS College Park, and Oakland Unity High School. I can vouch for the excellence of their food!

"Have you ever seen a purple lawn before? Typically, all lawns are green (or brown) but if you apply some imagination to your thinking, you can imagine a lawn to be any color you like. Well, that same thinking applies to the PLC, where food and imagination meet to recreate some of the tastiest dishes in East Oakland.

Each week, OFC youth, staff and volunteers are working together to sustain this amazing mobile food booth. You can find this booth operating each week at the Oakland Community Farmers Market, from 10am to 2pm. Meals average in price from $4 to $6 per meal. Our weekly culinary delights consist of seasonal dishes such as roasted fennel and white bean soup, coconut beet salads, coconut-quinoa cookies and more!"



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