August 2005 Urban Picks

Posted Mar 29 2006

While there are countless jams hitting right about now, here a a few getting much play from me. In no particular order.

Aug 15 2005 - While there are countless jams hitting right about now, here a a few getting much play from me. In no particular order.

Track Listing

Title Artist BPM Label
1. Head Over Heels Emelee Barak
2. Ballroom With Me Boneus X-Labs
3. Pimp Tight Czarnok
4. Get on My Hype remix Messy Marv
5. For the Nasty Q-Tip
6. Welcome 2 Detroit Trick Trick feat. Eminem
7. Diamonds Are Forever remix Kanye West feat. Jay Z Roc-A-Fella
8. Come to Mama Lina Hidden Beach
9. Boom Boom Clap Crooked I
10. Animal Juvenile
11. Welcome to Jamrock Damien Marley
12. Go Common
13. Chosen One N.O.R.E.
14. Take You Down Furious feat. E-40
15. Bad Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones
16. Gold Digger Kanye West Roc-A-Fella
17. Dem Boyz Boyz N Da Hood Bad Boy
18. Play David Banner Universal
19. Give Me That Webbie feat. Bun B
20. Play That Song Tony Touch feat. Nina Sky and B-Real
21. First Love Goapele Skyblaze Recordings
22. Too Cold (Nightmares on Wax mix) Roots Manuva Big Dada
23. Tranquilla Tony Touch
24. EZ Up Slum Village feat. Dwele Barak
25. Te Gusta feat N.O.R.E. Tony Touch
26. E.T. One Be Lo Fat Beats
27. Sky Children NowOn Tellfunkigence
28. YoYoYo Medina Green feat. Mos Def
29. Teary Eyed Missy Elliot
30. Get You Down Warren G feat. B-Real & Marvin Gaye
31. Shake Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull TVT
32. The Come Up AZ feat. DJ Premier


1. Amado Rosas said at June 20, 2008 4:24 am:

This playlist seems a bit surprising to me considering the kind of music that you like to play, and the ideology you have about mainstream music. A lot of these jams are very mainstream, considering the amount of non-mainstream hip-hop music you have.

2. Daniel said at June 20, 2008 3:24 pm:

Amado, good point. I guess the difference between what many DJs like to listen to and what we have to play to keep the crowd happy. Still, I have to admit that I like a few um, questionable songs. But yeah, one reason I don't DJ in public too much anymore is that I'm too picky about my music and since I have a steady day job I don't need to DJ for the money any more.

3. Martin Rey Rochin Inda said at June 28, 2008 8:33 pm:

I agree with Amado (I actually thought this was the music you heard being played, not the one you were playing) But I remember what you told us about you not wanting to play cookie-cutter music anymore and that being pretty much all people want to hear. I also remember Nesto said he doesn't like a lot of the music he plays when he DJ's. I remembered what you said about cookie-cutter music when he said "There is some music I have that I don't want, but I have to keep it because it's the music I DJ with" Bit of a shame that people aren't more open with music. I've been looking through the site to find some recommendations on which artists or songs are good. Can you make a playlist of some stuff you enjoy and put that up when you have time? I think it would help my playlist as well as encourage the musical enlightenment of others.

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