New Year’s Eve 2007 Rex Club (Paris) Techno and Electro

Posted Jul 29 2008

I might as well call this the “best laid plans gone to waste” play list.

I might as well call this the “best laid plans gone to waste” play list. It’s been a few months since I’ve done a large, professional gig so I spent the last few weeks refreshing myself with old tunes and researching new ones. Some of my students even helped out, recording exclusive tracks, including a French version of Galaxy to Galaxy’s hit “Transition.” I decided to do a mostly Serato-based mix (which allows DJs to play MP3s as if they were records) so I could have access to more music. I still ended up bringing a bag of records as a backup, which was fortunate for me. Basically, we could only get one turntable to respond to Serato so I had to mix mostly vinyl. Unfortunately, since I bought Serato last year I’ve pretty much quit buying vinyl due to cost and time since I don’t DJ as often as I used to. As a result, my set ended up being a flashback one.

To top if off, my set was 1/2 an hour shorter than I was originally told. Basically, the sound guy gave me a five minute warning. I had it in my mind to finish off the last half hour with that exclusive “Transitions” track, an S2 remix, plus some hot joints by UR, Red Planet, DJ Nasty, Los Hermanos, Aaron Carl, and Gerald Mitchell. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Once I get back to the States I’m going to mix a double CD of what I envisioned my set to sound like. In the meantime, below are some of the tracks that did get play, in no particular order.

Overall, I thought it was cool though, especially since everyone else played minimal techno. The music was good but after a couple of hours it does all sound alike. More than one person told me that the key to appreciating that style for so long is to pop ecstasy pills or be on some other drug. I rarely even drink coffee so that wasn’t about to happen. It was still a great experience. As always, I learned a lot and I'm glad that I was able to adapt. The show must go on! Check out the blog for more thoughts.

Could my play list be anymore Detroit and Chicago biased? I’m more diverse than this! Anyway, songs that got the best response included "Work that Mother," "Planet Groove," the "Big Trouble Mix," and "X-Squared."

Track Listing

Title Artist BPM Label
1. Babylon's Gifts The Unknown Soldier Underground Resistance
2. Planet Groove DJ Marquis Upstart Records
3. 100% of Dissin' You Armando
4. Return of the Terrortech DJ Assault Jefferson Ave.
5. Posatronix Posatronix Direct Beat
6. Fade 2 Black In Sync Fragile
7. Timeline Galaxy to Galaxy Underground Resistance
8. Expo (UR remix) Kraftwerk
9. This is Now DJ Marquis Upstart Records
10. X-Squared Electric Soul Direct Beat
11. Big Trouble Mix Project X Sumberge
12. 808 Degrees Surface Temperature The Martian Red Planet
13. Meridian Octave One 430 West
14. From Beyond Psyche Transmat
15. Work that Mother F***** DJ Urban Projex
16. Get Up D.I.E. M.A.P.
17. Work That D*** afassdgf Dancemania
18. White label ????? Projex
19. King of Kings DJ Nasty Motor City Electro Company


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