The Vinyl Word-Taipei Times

Posted July 21, 2011 3:33 pm (about 3105 days ago)

By The Queen Bee On the hip-hop scene, Chicano’s (光頭) Beat Square returns tomorrow afternoon to Taipei Cinema Park in Ximending (西門町). The guest DJ this weekend is Domingo Yu (Daniel Zarazua), a veteran DJ (and high school teacher and vice principal) from the US. Domingo Yu knew of Chicano long before they met in person.

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Interview on Waakao Taiwan

Posted October 21, 2009 10:03 pm (about 3743 days ago)

By Unknown After meeting up with Domingo Yu a few months ago on his recent visit to Taipei, his second home, we got a chance to sit and exchange a few words...and drinks with the traveler, teacher, dj and student of all things living and cultural. Waakao is happy to introduce this talented writer and dj who is also a mix of two cultures that rarely meet in Taiwan. Latin and Taiwanese. Read article

One flew over a ghetto's nest

Posted May 20, 2007 11:49 pm (about 4628 days ago)

By Daniel D. Zarazua A Spring 2007 interview from France's Hell's Kitchen magazine. There are some stories tied to the techno group Underground Resistance, as well as some thoughts on the Bay Area's hyphy movement. The writer, Fabrice, and I spoke for hours over some good Indian food and he pulled some thoughts from this conversation. Some things were lost in translation (try explaing sideshows in French), but one thing I love about having my own website is I can clarify somethings. Thanks to Marie for helping me translate. This isn't an exact translation, but I tried to word it to make sense and flow smoother in English. The original French version is at the Hell's Kitchen link above. My comments follow this version. Thanks again to Fabrice for hooking this up! Read article