Posted Mar 13 2006

This CD was created with funding by the University of Michigan????s Division of Student Affairs. It was developed as a promotional tool to help promote various offices at U of M including the International Center, Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, and the Program on Inter Group Relations. Compilation CD. Released Sep 1 2001.

UMIX CDThis CD was created with funding by the University of Michigan’s Division of Student Affairs. It was developed as a promotional tool to help promote various offices at U of M including the International Center, Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, and the Program on Inter Group Relations. The goal was to reach out to students via music and get them involved with the services and programs provided by the respective offices. Secondly, only Michigan-based artists were selected in an effort to support local talent and give grassroots artists some exposure. We ended up with a diverse compilation that still gets asked about, three years after its release. Beyond the wide-range of music, we had contributions by people of nearly every imaginable background: Asian-Americans, lesbians, students, ex-cons, you name it. Below is a list of the artists and tracks, as well as some info about each one.

Jaguar by DJ Rolando
It’s rumored that this was the number one selling techno single of all time so we were fortunate to get it. Rolando is part of the Underground Resistance collective, who is very rooted in a grassroots, independent approach to music and life in general. Among other things, co-founder Mike Banks helped set up the number one distribution company for Detroit dance music. The headquarters is based in Detroit and you won’t find a crew more dedicated to the city. Incidentally, Rolando’s inclusion also brought some Latino representation as he’s known as “The Aztec Mystic” for his Mexican-themed tracks. On another note, Sony-Germany tried to steal this track by remaking it illegally until protestations by fans led to the corporation backing down.

Smoke by Delta 88
This jazzy/swing track was recommended by a student and it became one of my favorites. A tale of a young man in denial about his lady leaving him.

D/E/T/R/O/I/T/ by DJ Marquis
In spite of the fact we used to be DJ partners, I can say in good faith that Marquis is one of the industry's must under utilized talents. How could I not include him? This tracks finds him sampling a "Speak N Spell" for a dark, yet catchy techno track.

Bye Bye by Cloud Nine Music
This funky, blues track was a local hit and they had a sizable fan base in our office. Their sound is hard to define as I've heard jazzy tracks, hip hop influences and they perform with the likes of Lyrics Born. Check out their dope website.

Make it Right by S.U.N. featuring Venita Swanson
S.U.N. is well-respected in the underground hip-hop scene and always comes with deep lyrics. This track was produced by DJ Graffiti who not only went on to produce the critically acclaimed Bling Free Mix CD series, but also earned a law degree from U of M. Who says that there are no positive Black male role models?

Timbales Calientes by Mark Flash
A hot Latin track by the Detroit-based, New York bred Flash, who made a name for himself as a promoter in the early nineties and has gone on to produce remixes for the likes of Kevin Saunderson and Underground Resistance.

Mult Amar Drums by The Jubilatores
An old school, and I mean old school (like 600 years old) Middle-Eastern influenced, percussion heavy track. This track also featured Teresa Graham-Brett, an Associate Dean at U of M who moved on to the University of Texas as their Dean of Students.

Honest Expression by Binary Star
A classic track by hip hop heavyweights who continue to represent "Waterworld (Michigan)" to the fullest. While others proclaim themselves as a "movement" these cats truly are. Check out the website to see for yourself.

Indigo by Aaron James
A folksy, bluesy track by a U of M who went on to become the Program Director for U of M's Program on Inter Group Relations, an internationally renown program.

Sophistry by AMX
AMX is one of the better live-techno bands that I've seen, but as much as I liked this track, I don't think that it was ever officialy released. I still give it spins.

Better Day by Lori Amey
Lori has quite a reputation in the Midwest and her sound runs in the Nora Jones side of things. A very introspective singer/songwriter, Lori shared this inspirational track that sounds as good today as it did three years ago.

The New Hustle by DJ LaRoc and DJ Maestro
Detroit is known for countless styles of dance, including numerous hustles. Mind you, these move way beyond the Electric Slide. LaRoc calls so many moves that even experts had to think hard about this one. It has a definite old school feel and even got play as far away as Ireland!

Marv's Love by DJ Dez
An instrumental hip hop track by Dez of Hipnotech Records. Dez has toured with folks ranging from Slum Village to Common. As the son of Cuban percussionist Humberto Nentue Hernandez, Dez has continued the tradition playing percussion for Ozomatli and Erykah Badu, among others. He also puts out house tracks under the name Andres and was featured in URB magazine as one of the 100 musicians in 2004 to watch out for.

Track Listing

Title Artist BPM Label
1. Jaguar DJ Rolando
2. Smoke Delta 88
3. D/E/T/R/O/I/T/ DJ Marquis
4. Bye Bye Cloud Nine Music
5. Make it Right S.U.N. featuring Venita Swanson
6. Timbales Calientes Mark Flash
7. Mult Amar Drums The Jubilatores
8. Honest Expression Binary Star
9. Indigo Aaron James
10. Sophistry AMX
11. Better Day Lori Amey
12. The New Hustle DJ LaRoc and DJ Maestro
13. Marv's Love DJ Dez


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