Guess Who's Comin' to Dinner

Posted Aug 29 2006

OK, more on the personal tip...

10) Do you guys speak Mandarin or Taiwanese? If so, how did you learn?
The three of us speak Mandarin to different degrees.  We all did self study, a bit of school and a bit of just having to use the language on a daily.  So in the show you might get a bit of Mandarin, French (Assassin speaks french), Jamaican Patois, an odd Taiwanese remark, whatever it takes or which ever vibes catches us.  Even talking between ourself it is a mishmash sometimes!

11) Is there a noticeable community of Black folks there, particularly West Indians?
There is a community.  It is growing, but like most foreign communities it fluctuates.  People come and go frequently, some are here for work, study, business so it depends.  There are a fair number of African-Americans and  here, a good group of Africans and a few West Indians.  Not many Jamaicans, Trinis, some St. Vincians, Barbadians, Dominicans, Haitians and quite a few Belizians.  Basically any country that has ties with Taiwan will have some people here at some point.

12) What's it like to be a non-White/non-Asian foreigner in Taiwan?
I've heard different things from African Americans and Africans and met some Latinos, but what's been your particular experience?

Well, it is tough.  There is rascism here, it is just different.  Ignorance/rascism, where do you draw the line?  Sometimes it is hard to get work, a place to live, to get paid, people blantantly talking about you...scared of you.  Not going to say it is easy, but you just have to get past the thing. Be on a higher level!  People goin' do what they want and have learned culturally.  Sticking out like a sore thumb here though, you become an ambassador so in some ways it can be a good oppourtunity, still.

13) How about food, are there any Caribbean spots on the island or places to get ingredients?
Man, you just want to make us cry with this question!  We limit talking about food from home in the camp to a minimum...too painful.   Anyway we might have a plan to take care of that gap in the future so stay the meantime...send Red Stripe!

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The O-Brothaz Sound System

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1. Mike Palmer said at August 29, 2006 9:55 pm:

I'll have to check the O-Brothaz out at The Wall sometime. I've seen Red Eye and the Riddim Outlaws before (I think most of the band was Japanese), but they didn't get much of a rise out of the crowd (the Taiwanese crowd is tough). Sounds like these guys have a better time at it.

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