Still Missing You

Posted Mar 18 2006

Tiffany is 14 years old and will be attending Menlo Atherton High School this fall as a freshman. She is from The ????ille in East Palo Alto, CA. Her hobbies including talking on the phone, shopping, and going to the movies. Her goals are to either be an obstetrician, pediatrician, or foster mom. She loves kids!

I never knew how much I needed you until you were goneLil' Shanae
I don't have anybody to talk to, now I'm left all alone
It feels like my heart has been dropped and it's dead
I will never forget the times you told me I had a big head
It feels like something is missing, and it's you,
Jacob Yakopu Ioane,
I miss you!

(I'm going to keep this rose in memory of you,because it died the same day you left me out of the blue!)


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