Posted Mar 18 2006

Genny is 14 years old and she is originally from Aguililla, Michoacan, Mexico. However, she grew up in Redwood City and Hayward, California and will be attending Sequoia High School this fall as a ninth grader. Her hobbies include drawing and poetry. After graduating from high school she plans on attending college to major in fashion design. She wrote this piece while participating in the summer Stanford Upward Bound Program.

I'm the strongest Mexican
I wonder if people think the same.
I walk by and play "no game"

Big dreams ahead of me
I will make it far
I hope one day I'll reach the stars

Working in school is hard for me
But you have to try just to be
Maybe sometime I won't regret
That time I said “I won't forget”

I will not forget to study hard and to succeed
That's the way I have to be.

I know I will and say I can
What I say is what I am
I'm the strongest Mexican!


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