The Monster

Posted Mar 18 2006

Guest writer Jay is a 16-year old poet from Northern Cali. In his free time he likes to bust rhymes and play baseball.

Why must I kill myself by the things I do?
What people say and do hurt my deepest thoughts.
I try to break free from this thoughtless disease.
I try to run.
I try to hide.
I can’t escape my anger anymore.
What must I say?
What must I do?
To end this madness I need to break free.
Be mindful.
Try to keep a peaceful state of mind.
Because if you don’t, he will come.
He will destroy us all.
Trust me.
The monster's name must not be said.
He is a part of me.
He knows when I’m mad.
He knows when I’m sad.
So stop!
Be mindful or he will come to destroy us all.
I know how to stop that evil mind.
I have to forgive my evil thoughts, then he’s going back to where he belongs.
Back, back, in my peaceful state of mind.


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