Expressive Locations

Posted Mar 13 2006

A sampling of Detroit spots boasting hip-hop regularity. this article was featured in the June 2, 1999 edition of The Detroit Metro Times.

Despite the obvious abundance of talent in Detroit, venues for up-and-coming hip-hop artists remain limited. Whether from lack of promotion, funds, support or just conflicting egos, many promoters are hard-pressed to overcome these obstacles and maintain a consistent outlet for the music or culture. Surprisingly enough, Eastpointe, of all places, has been home to one of the exceptions. The all-ages Wired Frog at 21145 Gratiot Ave. has been showcasing local talent since the fall of A98 with everyone from ghetto superstars Al Nuke and Jiggy Jack to wordsmiths Bizarre and Bugz (R.I.P.) making appearances.

Just as important has been the willingness of Quiet As Kept Entertainment, the eveningAs host, to encourage unknown MCs and groups to perform as well. Overall, the vibe favors a younger teen crowd whose sensibilities tend to favor the hardcore sounds of No Limit rather than Gangstarr, but theyAre hip-hop fans nonetheless. At times rowdy, and definitely excitable, they show an appreciation to see their friends perform . possibly for the first time . or compete in a battle of the MCs. Admittedly, the size of the crowd fluctuates from "standing room only" to "are they open tonight?" but this doesnAt change the fact that as one of the few places for metro Detroit youth to express their creativity, Wired Frog is making its mark on DetroitAs music scene.

Other Detroit Hip Hop Spots
Heidelberg P Wednesdays
215 N. Main, Ann Arbor
Hosted by JamminA Jay
Lush P Wednesdays
10241 Jos. Campau, Hamtramck
Hosted by DJ House Shoes

Gold Dollar - Wednesdays
3129 Cass Ave., Detroit
"Cold Crush" Hosted by DJ Chino

Café Mahogany P Thursdays
1465 Centre, Detroit
Hosted by Modern Tribe Communications

St. AndrewAs Hall P Saturdays
(As part of "3 Floors of Fun")
431 E. Congress, Detroit

Hip Hop Shop - Open-mic
18911 W. 7 Mile, Detroit


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