Review of 3rd Kind's "Klose Enkounters Uv Da Third Kind"

Posted Mar 13 2006

Review of Detroit hip-hop group that was featured in the Detroit Metro Times.

Third Kind
Sick Monk
(4 of 5 stars)

To quote Third Kind’s Dr. Soose, "the joke’s on you jack!" Anyone who sleeps on this hip-hop trio is slipping. Where a lot of groups don’t have enough material to complete an entire album, or are so unfocused that their LP sounds like a scattershot compilation, Third Kind manages to avoid both of these pitfalls. The star of the show is definitely Dr. Soose. The creative mind behind the group’s beats, Soose paints a sonic landscape that takes listeners on a trip that crosses time, geography and culture. MCs Falah Salaam and Spec more than hold their own, sounding comfortable over the eclectic sounds, serving wack MCs, addressing hip-hop sellouts, reminiscing on relationships and more. Spec’s voice takes some getting used to, but his flow adds even more flavor to the group. With a couple of exceptions, there’s almost no fast forward material here. Fans of Black Eyed Peas should take notice, but make no mistake, Third Kind has a style of its own.


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